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6 Classic Oklahoma Thanksgiving dishes

10:31 AM EST on November 21, 2018

The best part about the holidays is tradition. There are certain classic dishes that show up at each family's table, which is what makes going to other people's family's houses for Thanksgiving. Maybe they make their mashed potatoes really weird or with the instant mix. But you might go and it turns out you just realized your grandma has been making them wrong all along!

Additionally, different parts of the country have huge variances in what they serve. For instance, weirdo Yankees put cheddar cheese on their apple pie. A map has been making the rounds of some of the nation's favorite side dishes. Check it out:

First off, shame on half the country for picking salad. You can eat salad any damn day of the week. Secondly, while cornbread is amazing, I can't think of a single Thanksgiving dinner I've been to that had cornbread over fluffy white dinner rolls. I would welcome it with open arms, but this just seems dubious.

Anyhow, this inspired me to think up some of the most truly classic Turkey Day dishes in Oklahoma. Let us know your family favorites in the comments down below:

Chicken Fried Turkey

We all know that chicken fried steak is part of our state meal. And you can chicken fry chicken (who knew?), so this year, why not go all out and treat your relatives to chicken fried turkey? There are recipes out there, and to be totally honest, it sounds way better than just roasting or deep-frying that bird.


Crude Ambrosia

Every November, there's always a big bowl of that disgusting dish called ambrosia. Ya know, that sickening, pink glob of marshmallows and canned fruit? This year, pay tribute to our all-important oil industry, and serve up a new holiday tradition- Crude Ambrosia. I don't really know what fracking fluid looks like, but the best bet is to just pour a can of Hormel chili (no beans!) on top of Aunt Sally's fruit and marshmallow salad, and bam! It also adds unnecessary meat to the table, which is always very Oklahoman. Speaking of which...


Just Bacon

Many popular Thanksgiving dishes involve that salty pork favorite, bacon. Instead of bogging it down with green beans or whatever, just fry up a few pounds of thick cut Applewood smoked bacon. Everyone can munch on the strips while they're waiting for the main feast to hit the table. If that's not a crowd pleaser, I don't know what is.


Broccoli Cheese Casserole

This is already a staple side dish at most holiday tables, but you're probably doing it all wrong. Every year, one of my friends uses his mother's old recipe, and it's incredibly simple and insanely delicious. Combine a bag of frozen broccoli with a block of Velveeta cheese in a casserole dish, cover with crumbled Ritz crackers, and bake until brown and crispy (Note: most of this list is ironic, but this dish is legitamately so much more delicious than it has any business being. It's probably all the sodium).


Fried Okra Pie

Why is fried okra not a staple at Oklahoma holiday tables? Is it because we eat it so much the rest of the year that we need a break from it? Here is a way to introduce another item from our state meal to Thanksgiving. There's two ways you can go about this: bake a pie that is filled with crispy nuggets of fried okra, or do an Arbuckle-style fried pie that is stuffed with delicious pickled okra. Your call!


Thanksgiving Pringles

Are you spending the holiday by yourself? Instead of being sad and down on yourself about it, pop the tops and don't stop! Yes, Pringles made a set of Thanksgiving flavored chips that sold out in 41 minutes. If you were lucky enough to score some, you'll get the flavors of turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. There won't be anyone around to judge you, so why not?

Thanks for reading!

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