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Anastasia Pittman endorses wrong candidate in State House race…

2:03 PM EDT on October 29, 2018

The guy in the middle who looks like a cross between Bert and Mr. Poopybutthole is Jason Sansone. We first told you about Jason and his stringent media guidelines earlier this summer in our breakdown of 10 Oklahoma Political Candidates You Need To Know About.

Jason is a Republican running for State House District 94 that covers the Mid-Del area. His Democratic opponent is bowtie-wearing, trombone-tooting Andy Fugate. He was a victim of the The Oklahoman's recent layoffs, so he really needs the job.

HD District 94 was previously held by disgraced former minority leader Scott Inman, so from all accounts, it looks like it may be a competitive district. As a result, Oklahoma Democrats on the Internet are outraged that former State Senator and current Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor – Anastasia Pittman – endorsed Sansone on a recent robocall.

Give it a listen:

Wow. That's strange. In today's hyper-partisan era of tribal politics, I thought politicians were supposed to place party over everything, and despite their own personal feelings or judgement, automatically endorse the candidate from their tribe over the others. How are political parties supposed to divide us and take our campaign contributions if politicians cast party loyalty aside, reach across the aisle and start endorsing people who may disagree with them on certain positions?

Seriously, what was Anastasia thinking? Does she and Sansone train pigeons and collect bottle caps together? Does she have an aversion to bowties and trombones? Did she mess up and endorse the wrong candidate? Knowing what we know about the judgement of Oklahoma politicians, that last one seems the most likely.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how Democrats respond to this brave form of non-party loyalty that our country could use more of. I bet they get Mary Fallin to record a robo call endorsing Anastasia for Lt. Governor.

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