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TLO Endorsement: Gentner Drummond for Attorney General

To be clear, this endorsement is based on one thing – Gentner Drummond's name. It's a rowdy mix of dated storm chasing machinery meeting rural old wealth. It makes you think of gustnados, Val Castor and the Pioneer Woman's meatloaf. Outside of Doppler Pickens, there's not a more Oklahoma political gunslinger name out there.

To be fair, Drummond's opponent – Mike Hunter – almost has a spectacular name. I'm surprised Drummond didn't go all Bull Stitt on it. I can hear the ad now....

Gentner Drummond hates Obama, but Mike Hunt...... errr.... loves him. Mike Hunt....... errrr.... he's bad news. Vote Gentner Drummond today." 

Seriously, why didn't Gentner go that route? He obviously has no class or standards. He is the guy who stooped to the sad low of exploiting the death of a young woman in a desperate attempt to smear an opponent. Check out this ad:

That ad is the (hopefully) final installment in Gentner's classless attack ad trilogy titled – D.C. Lobbyist Mike Hunter Is Almost As Awful As The Person Who Approved These Commercials. Seriously, exploiting a woman's death and doubling down on the President's ""Mexicans are rapists" line? I actually bet Trump would appreciate that.

Outside of his name, a couple of other reasons to vote for Gentner is because he was born into wealth and privilege, achieved financial success, and can afford to spend $2,000,000 of his own money to potentially win a primary. If that stuff or his right-wing pandering numb nuts political campaign ads impress you, Drummond's your guy.

For us though, it's just the name. Although Gentner Drummond the person may stink like the Marlboro Man after a day's work on the ranch, it really is a thing of beauty. Show respect to a lack of class and dignity by voting Gentner Drummond today.

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