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Twin Peaks waitress skims a little off the top…

If I was forced to hang out at breastaraunt, I'd probably pick Twin Peaks. This is for a couple of reasons:

1. The chairs are more comfortable than those awful stools at Hooters.

2. I've met the owner of the OKC restaurants a couple of times, and if I mentioned some other place, he'd probably send a squadron of goateed roughnecks in F-350 heavy-duty pickup trucks to my parents' basement to give me a wedgie.

In addition to that, Twin Peaks has a sophisticated system of cameras installed in every restaurant. It lets managers do things like watch slow-motion replays of drunken customer fights following the MMA fights and catch sneaky waitresses stealing customers' credit card information.


Oklahoma City police arrested a restaurant employee on her first day on the job Thursday.

Police arrested Rachel Elizabeth Tyler, 34, about 10 p.m. at Twin Peaks, 6500 SW 3, on a complaint of unlawful use of a computer after her manager reported her stealing at work.

The sports bar's manager told police she saw Tyler consistently swiping customers' credit cards by one of her pockets. After reviewing surveillance footage, she determined Tyler was using a skimmer to collect credit card information, according to the police report.

In the portion of footage the manager watched, she said she saw Tyler scan four to five cards, according to the report. Police are unsure how many people's credit card information Tyler stole.

Geeze, criminals sure are stupid. With all apologies to Golden Corral, the Twin Peaks on I-40 would be the worst place in the world to skim credit card information. It's primarily filled with Coors Light drinking bros in their 20 and 30s who have oily goatees, wear camo hats, and spend most of their days trying to figure out how to avoid the repo man. The cards she skimmed would probably be maxed out before she even gets to use them. At the very least, she should have applied at Applebee's down the street. That chain is a scammers' paradise!

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