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Louis is in the hospital. Let’s help him.

It’s time to help a TLO Contributor in need.

On Monday of last week, our friend Louis Fowler suffered a hemorrhagic stroke / aneurism. He’s since been hospitalized in stable condition at OU Medical Center ICU.

Here’s the bad news. As a result of the stroke, Louis has lost some feeling in one side of his body. He’s also having difficulty speaking. This is on top of his other chronic health issues.

Here’s the good news. His condition is improving each day. He's alert and his mind is well. Doctors are optimistic and hopeful for a full recovery. If not already, he should be moved out of ICU sometime this week.

Although that news is good, Louis still faces a long road of rehab ahead. While he focuses on building strength and getting better, I think the Ogle Mole Network could focus on helping him.

If you’ve ever read, enjoyed or laughed at any of Louis's numerous food reviews, musings and other nostalgic TLO ramblings, please donate to this Go Fund Me. Louis is a Thoreau'esque freelance writer. He doesn't have much in the bank account, and all donations will be used to help him cover medical and living expenses. If we reach our minimum goal of $1,000, Louis has already promised to write an excellent review of the OU Health Science Center cafeteria for everyone’s enjoyment.

In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated on his condition and progress. Please keep Louis in your thoughts, and send good vibes his way.

Mejorate pronto, compadre!

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