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The Louie’s Shooter was a transphobic mentally ill man who heard demons…

Back in January, strange flyers began popping up on metro light poles promoting a YouTube page about "Demons In Cloned Transexual Bodies." Here's a pic of one that was next to Penn Square Mall:


The Gayly tracked down the person behind the flyers. His name was Alexander Tilghman. In a bizarre interview, the obviously mentally ill man rambled on about how we live in a Satan controlled matrix where most people are transphobic clones or robotoids or demons. He also cryptically assured them that "I'm not dangerous."

Five months later, Tilghman walked into the Louie's near Lake Hefner, and while wearing safety goggles and earmuffs, opened fire with a handgun, striking three people at random. Seconds to minutes later, he was shot dead by two armed civilians while walking near a sidewalk outside the restaurant. You can read more about the details at any local news outlet.

Normally, I get irritated when the media hypes a mass shooter, but this time, it feels warranted. Tilghman wasn't some disturbed guy who wanted to make a name for himself, or hated the world because he couldn't get laid. He was a mentally deranged man who needed urgent mental health care in a state that routinely cuts it.

If you'd like some proof, just check out this You Tube video where he follows around demonic ducks at Stars and Stripes park and claims they're laughing at him. When you watch it, tell me A) How was this guy not institutionalized and B) how he was able to get his hand on a gun:

Tilghman's entire YouTube page serves as a public service announcement for mental health awareness. Here's one where he talks about how Satan makes vehicles louder on the highway...

Some of the videos capture confrontations at local business. Here's a video he took while being kicked out of the Looney Bin:

And here's a video he took at Penn Square Mall. He was just walking through the mall videoing everything. He was confronted by security guards twice. One security guard threatened to have Tilghman arrested if he didn't leave. I guess it's a shame he followed orders and left.

Most of Tilghman's videos were weird vlog confessionals. One that grabbed my attention was titled "Someone help me, Im losing it." I thought it may be an actual cry for help. Instead, he was just worried that the demon possessed animals who tormented him were actually just computer simulations, or that he was trapped inside a video game.

In the video, Tilghman left his phone number for a "real person" (a.k.a. not one of the transgendered folks from the life matrix) to call. I googled the phone number and found a couple of messages posted on He was searching for a woman to accompany him on a cruise. He promised great sex and confirmed that he wasn't picky...

Well, I guess I should backtrack my earlier statement that he didn't shoot up the place because he couldn't get laid. Tilghman's bio on the site is kind of chilling:


Yeah, he claims he was "an armed security guard." I know mentally ill individuals who think they're trapped in a matrix with demonic ducks laughing at them aren't the most reliable sources of information, but knowing what we know about mental health in Oklahoma, that sounds about right.

(Update: According to multiple media reports, he was CLEET certified security guard!)

Anyway, you can be all rubberneck voyeuristic and watch Tilghman's videos on his YouTube page before they're likely taken down. I'm also sure the local legitimate media will have more on his background, etc. I'll just end with the questions I posed earlier – A) how was this guy not institutionalized and B) how he was able to get his hands on a gun?


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