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Ogle Madness XI Championship Game: Steven Adams vs Marla Morgan

1:02 PM EDT on April 2, 2018

We've had some interesting Ogle Madness tournaments over the last eleven years, but this may be the most unexpected title game match in history:

(5) Steven Adams vs (6) Marla Morgan

Actually, maybe it's not that unexpected. The last several years have generally featured a Thunder player going toe-to-toe against a local news personality, and I guess Marla sorta fits that role by association. That being said, out of the dozens and dozens of entries to our "Pick the Champ" contest, none had either of  these two cutting down the nets.

Before we get to the voting, let's look at the path each took to the championship match:

Steven Adams bashed his way out of the West Region by easily defeating (12) Oklahoma Sheriffs Association, (13) New Streetcar, and (1) Emily Sutton. He didn't find much resistance from (11) Hillbilly Rednecks, and was even capable of stomping (1) Panhandling Teacher in a tragic upset.

Marla Morgan has been running a strong campaign, which lifted her out of the North Region against formidable opponents like (11) Hot Wife Chloe, former Ogle Madness champ (3) Gary England, and local Heisman hero (2) Baker Mayfield. The Final Four pitted her against (3) Joe Exotic, which was a tough battle that could have possibly involved Russian hacker influence.

Anyway, it's time to settle 2018's Ogle Madness XI champion. Does Marla Morgan have what it takes to topple the New Zealand giant and join such greats as Emily Sutton, Lacey Swope and Lauren Richardson(?) in the TLO "Hall of Champions?" Or will the Big Kiwi withstand her charge like a knee to the nuts and become the third Thunder player to take home the crown?



(5) Steven Adams

Last Round: Defeated (1) Panhandling Teacher 799-494

Who: Starting center for the OKC Thunder

Biggest Strength: Charming wit, also his biceps

Biggest Weakness: Low-key plays dirty sometimes


(6) Marla Morgan

Last Round: Defeated (3) Joe Exotic 764-706

Who: Mike Morgan’s hot wife

Biggest Strength: Voluntarily sending Patrick bikini pics

Biggest Weakness: Her husband wears flashier clothes

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