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Ogle Madness XI: North Region, Upper Bracket

8:58 AM EDT on March 16, 2018

Today, we're gonna vote through the North Region of the Ogle Madness XI Bracket. We'll start with the Upper Bracket, then move to the Lower Bracket as the day progresses. The play-in games that you voted on Monday will be consequential again today, adding a few more wild cards into the mix. Here's what we're voting on this morning:

(1) Joleen Chaney vs (16) Ralph Shortey
(8) David Holt vs (9) Potholes
(4) Carrie Underwood vs (13) Aaron Tuttle
(5) Medical Marijuana vs (12) Greg Mashburn

I will be personally shocked if there are major upsets in this section of the bracket, but will gladly accept any surprises. Vote down below:


(1) Joleen Chaney

Who: KFOR news anchor

Biggest Strength: Anchors three whole newscasts throughout the day

Biggest Weakness: Watermelon seeds



(16) Ralph Shortey

Who: Disgraced, hypocritical Oklahoma Senator

Biggest Strength: Realized the problem of human fetuses in food products 1,000 years before it might become a problem

Biggest Weakness: Used an AOL email address to meet underaged boys




(8) David Holt

Who: Current Oklahoma Senator/Oklahoma City Mayor Elect

Biggest Strength: Named a street after the Flaming Lips

Biggest Weakness: Hangs out with Dog the Bounty Hunter



(9) Potholes

Who: Crevices in our street's aging asphalt

Biggest Strength: Can fell even a big pick-up truck with a plastic nutsack

Biggest Weakness: Cheaply covered up with an even more destructive patch job



(4) Carrie Underwood

Who: Mega country pop diva

Biggest Strength: Digging her keys into the side of your pretty little souped-up four-wheel drive

Biggest Weakness: Married a hockey player, which is like the least-Oklahoman athlete


(13) Aaron Tuttle

Who: Internet weather person

Biggest Strength: Can remain in a tanning bed for days without food or water

Biggest Weakness: Finding a copyright attorney who specializes in copyright



(5) Medical Marijuana

Who: Harmless drugs that may become legalized by our ballot this June

Biggest Strength: Eases many diseases, also gets you high

Biggest Weakness: Munchies



(12) Greg Mashburn

Who: Cleveland County District attorney

Biggest Strength: Busting head shops

Biggest Weakness: Total narc, man...


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