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Ogle Madness XI: South Region, Upper Bracket

Welcome back to another zany day of Ogle Madness XI! Now that we've hit the first round of the left side of the bracket, we'll be hitting the other side, covering the South and North regions today and tomorrow. Here's who we've got on deck this morning:

(1) Russell Westbrook vs (16) Nazi Police Chief
(8) Paseo vs (9) Plaza District
(4) Abigail Ogle vs (13) Ole Red
(5) STD Mobile vs (15) Jim Bridenstine


(1) Russell Westbrook

Who: Reigning NBA MVP point guard for the OKC Thunder

Biggest Strength: Triple doubles

Biggest Weakness: All of his clothes seem to have holes in them


(16) Nazi Police Chief

Who: Former Colbert, OK police chief accused of selling Nazi merch online

Biggest Strength: Ruling the mosh pit at skinhead metal shows

Biggest Weakness: Bad at making up excuses



(8) Paseo

Who: Hippie arts district

Biggest Strength: Cheap rent

Biggest Weakness: Reeks of nag champa and sour diesel



(9) Plaza District

Who: Hipster neighborhood

Biggest Strength: Best concentration of places to eat and drink in the area

Biggest Weakness: Rent is getting very not-cheap




(4) Abigail Ogle

Who: KOCO evening news anchor

Biggest Strength: Member of the Ogle Dynasty

Biggest Weakness: Too many fake Twitter followers



(13) Ole Red

Who: Blake Shelton's restaurant in Tishomingo

Biggest Strength: Zany Bloody Mary's

Biggest Weakness: Too many bad Yelp! reviews



(5) STD Mobile

Who: Chevy Captiva with an unfortunate license plate

Biggest Strength: Knows how to party

Biggest Weakness: Will eventually go blind from the syphilis


(15) Jim Bridenstine

Who: Current State Rep/NASA Administrator nominee

Biggest Strength: Could possibly be in charge of a bunch of space ships

Biggest Weakness: Could possibly be too extreme coo-coo to actually be given the space ships job



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