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Ogle Madness XI

Ogle Madness XI: South Region, Lower Bracket

We're back to the South Region this afternoon, now with the Lower Bracket. We've got some real heavy hitters in this round:

(6) Commando Cartwheel Sub vs (11) Scott Pruitt
(3) Joe Exotic vs (11) Oklahoma Department of Health
(7) Colonel Reba Sanders vs (10) Hipster Boo Boo
(2) Brenton Hager vs (15) Rob Stanley

I don't know why, but something tells me that if Joe Exotic had a restaurant, we would have actually seen him as a defendant vs the Oklahoma Health Department by now. I don't think they allow assless chaps in a kitchen.

Moving on!

(6) Commando Cartwheel Sub

Who: Substitute teacher/sex offender

Biggest Strength: Still limber in her 30's

Biggest Weakness: Too old for cheer try-outs



(11) Scott Pruitt

Who: Former state AG/Current EPA cheif

Biggest Strength: Great at getting jobs that he is absolutely the wrong person for

Biggest Weakness: Icky elf


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(3) Joe Exotic

Who: Gubernatorial candidate

Biggest Strength: Commands an army of tigers

Biggest Weakness: Needs to cut the mullet



(11) Oklahoma Department of Health

Who: Agency in charge of the general wellness of Oklahomans

Biggest Strength: Knows if you have the flu

Biggest Weakness: Bad at financial management




(7) Colonel Reba Sanders

Who: Beloved Oklahoman country singer dressed as Colonel Sanders

Biggest Strength: Strangely sexy for a southern gentleman

Biggest Weakness: Still hasn't been told what the 11 secret herbs & spices are


(10) Hipster Boo Boo

Who: Oklahoma's First Daughter

Biggest Strength: Seemingly unlimited funds for jetsetting

Biggest Weakness: Cultural appropriation



(2) Brenton Hager

Who: Real-life GTA superstar

Biggest Strength: Exploiting the handling skills of a Ford F-250

Biggest Weakness: Klepto for cars


(15) Rob Stanley

Who: Car dealership spokesperson

Biggest Strength: Large arsenal of automatic weapons

Biggest Weakness: Has the goatee of a Life Church youth pastor


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