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Ogle Madness XI: West Region, Upper Bracket

Day two of Ogle Madness XI is now underway! Today, we'll be delving into the West Region bracket. This region will feature some of the winners of Mondays play-in games, who turned out to pretty much all be perverts: Hot Wife Chloe and Dirty Magazine Body Armor Dude.

Let's have a look at this morning's bracket:

(1) Emily Sutton vs (16) Dirty Magazine Body Armor Dude
(8) Damon Lane vs (9) David Payne
(4) Gwen Stefani vs (13) New Streetcar
(5) Steven Adams vs (12) Oklahoma Sheriffs Association

(1) Emily Sutton

Who: Severe Weather Princess

Biggest Strength: Filling the Gary England-size hole in our hearts

Biggest Weakness: Large athleisure wardrobe


(16) Dirty Magazine Body Armor Dude

Who: Man who wore body armor made out of dirty magazines to confront trailer park neighbor

Biggest Strength: Choice in magazine subscriptions

Biggest Weakness: Sticky body armor




(8) Damon Lane

Who: KOCO Chief Meteorologist

Biggest Strength: Leads the crusade against fake hail pics

Biggest Weakness: Accidently tweeting out dicks



(9) David Payne

Who: News 9 Chief Meteorologist

Biggest Strength: Creating needless panic with his forecasting

Biggest Weakness: Disliked by Gary England



(4) Gwen Stefani

Who: Honorary Oklahoman pop singer

Biggest Strength: Part of one of the state's biggest power couples

Biggest Weakness: Used to be in a ska band



(13) New Streetcar

Who: Upcoming public transit for OKC

Biggest Strength: Could help alleviate downtown traffic & parking issues

Biggest Weakness: Has caused all of downtown to be torn up for months




(5) Steven Adams

Who: Starting center for the OKC Thunder

Biggest Strength: Charming wit, also his biceps

Biggest Weakness: Low-key plays dirty sometimes


(12) Oklahoma Sheriffs Association

Who: Top Cops

Biggest Strength: Extortion

Biggest Weakness: Getting in trouble with problematic Facebook posts


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