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Ogle Madness XI: West Region, Lower Bracket

Welcome back to this afternoon's edition of Ogle Madness XI. We're going through the Lower Bracket of our West Region. If you haven't already, make sure to vote in the Upper Bracket! Check out the contestants:

(6) Ogle Brothers vs (11) Hillbilly Rednecks
(3) Trae Young vs (14) Step Up Oklahoma
(7) Bricktown Hot Dog Stand vs (10) Pioneer Woman
(2) Darci Lynne Farmer vs (15) Chicken Slaughterhouse Slave Labor Camps

I'm predicting a few upsets here, but don't want to sway public opinion too much (but seriously, if the Pioneer Woman fails to make the second round, I'll be disappointed).



(6) Ogle Brothers

Who: Local journalism dynasty

Biggest Strength: Square jawllines

Biggest Weakness: Too eager to give you their "two cents"


(11) Hillbilly Rednecks

Who: Backwoods, gun-toting rednecks you don’t want to mess with

Biggest Strength: Belly Tattoos

Biggest Weakness: Math and reading



(3) Trae Young

Who: Point guard for the OU men's basketball team

Biggest Strength: Making killer Youtube highlights videos

Biggest Weakness: The rest of his team stinks


(14) Step Up Oklahoma

Who: Oil overlord plan to give teachers a pay raise while still protecting their own interests

Biggest Strength: Convincing local media, business leaders and institutions they control it was a good plan

Biggest Weakness: Some people didn't fall for it



(7) Bricktown Hot Dog Stand

Who: Tubed meat purveyor in downtown OKC

Biggest Strength: Irritating the sensitivity police 

Biggest Weakness: T-shirt designs


(10) Pioneer Woman

Who: Oklahoma blogger-turned-media empire

Biggest Strength: Selling cheap Teflon pans at Target

Biggest Weakness: Coming up with recipes that weren't rewritten from back issues of Southern Living



(2) Darci Lynne Farmer

Who: Young ventriloquist featured on America's Got Talent

Biggest Strength: Making "B" and "D" sounds without moving her mouth

Biggest Weakness: Nobody has liked ventriloquism since like the 1940's


(15) Chicken Slaughterhouse Slave Labor Camps

Who: It's pretty self-explanatory

Biggest Strength: Free labor, low overhead

Biggest Weakness: Smells terrible


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