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Ogle Madness XI: East Region, Lower Bracket

1:17 PM EDT on March 13, 2018

Now it's time to get to voting on the Lower Bracket of the East Region. If you haven't already, make sure to cast your votes on the Upper Bracket while you still can!

Here are your contenders:

(6) Hipster Bicycle Woman vs (11) James Lankford
(3) Olivia Munn vs (14) Silver Bullet
(7) Windmills vs (10) Oil Overlords
(2) Barbie Doll vs (15) Travis Brauer

There's some pretty rando match-ups in this leg of the tourney, but the Windmills vs Oil Overlords could be a nasty fight involving tracking devices and secret PAC spending.

Let's get to the voting!

(6) Hipster Bicycle Woman

Who: Person who got harassed by cop for riding her bike

Biggest Strength: Using driver's license as a weapon

Biggest Weaknesses: Has problems with authority


(11) James Lankford

Who: State Senator for Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Knows all the best chill spots at Falls Creek

Biggest Weaknesses: Still gets his hair cut at Sports Clips




(3) Olivia Munn

Who: Hollywood actress from Oklahoma City

Biggest Strength: Might actually have superpowers from being in more than one comic book action movies

Biggest Weaknesses: Is a cosplay nerd


(14) Silver Bullet

Who: Iconic roller coaster at Frontier City

Biggest Strength: Oklahoma's tallest roller coaster

Biggest Weaknesses: Constantly breaking down



(7) Windmills

Who: Massive turbines that cover the Oklahoma countryside

Biggest Strength: Provide clean and renewable energy

Biggest Weaknesses: They can't do anything else, like cause earthquakes


(10) Oil Overlords

Who: Billionaire oligarchs who control our state government

Biggest Strength: Infinite power and money

Biggest Weaknesses: Could ruin the state in search of greed



(2) Barbie Doll

Who: Rapper from Moore

Biggest Strength: Wardrobe entirely consisting of vinyl

Biggest Weaknesses: Still hung-up on her high school days


(15) Travis Brauer

Who: Former personal assistant to Mary Fallin who allegedly took upskirt photos

Biggest Strength: Destroying evidence

Biggest Weaknesses: Self-incriminating


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