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OK Lawmakers file “Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act.”

Last night, The Skarkster filed a report on KFOR about the "Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act." It's a new bill filed by our favorite backwoods Derplahoman pal Josh Brecheen. If passed and signed into law, it will give business owners, especially the Christian ones, the power and protection to openly discriminate against people in the name of religion.


Senate Bill 1250 allows business owners to refuse service based on deeply held religious beliefs.

With specific language about homosexuality, many think it is specifically targeting same sex marriages.

"Oklahomans should have every expectation that their government will not discriminate against them for their sincerely held religious beliefs through a loss of their job or business," said the bill's author, Josh Brecheen, in a statement to News 4.

Obviously, this bill is in response to the whole "Gay Wedding Cake" case that was heard by the US Supreme Court in December. I can actually see both sides of the issue. I think business owners should have the right to refuse certain services if it violates their deeply held personal views and / or religious beliefs. I guess the question is what's the dividing line between holding true to personal views and / or religious beliefs, and blatant discrimination against entire groups and classes of people?

For example, let's say I opened the Happy Ogle Bakery, and some jackass came in asking me to make a cake showing Kevin Durant holding the Larry O'Brien Trophy. I think I should have the right to say "Screw you! I'm a Thunder fan. That compromises my deeply held views and beliefs to never honor Kevin Durant. Find some other baker to make your stupid cake!" That being said, I shouldn't be allowed to say "Screw you. I'm a racist and hate black people. Find some other baker to make your stupid cake!" Although if those were my views, you'd probably want someone else to make it.

It's an interesting, multi-faceted debate, and fortunately we have a Supreme Court in Washington DC to figure it out for us. While we wait for them to decide, Skarky went to a very dumb person to get his take on the issue – Derplahoman Troll Lizard Paul Blair.

Yeah, that's right. Skarky went to the guy who had denied he was in the KKK to get his thoughts on a bill that targets muslims. Prepare to be blown away by ignorance and idiocy:

"I couldn’t go to a Muslim deli and demand that they serve me a bacon sandwich because that violates their religious belief system, their conscience, and it would be wrong of me to try to force them to do so," said Paul Blair of Fairview Baptist Church in Edmond.

I'll agree with Paul Blair on one thing. Whether it's a City Bites or a "Muslim Deli," it would be wrong to demand they make you a sandwich that isn't on the menu.

On other news, I think the Paul Blair is missing the point here. Even the Video Vigilante agrees:

Anyway, I guess we'll continue to monitor the progress of the bill, and / or the stupid things that aspiring politicians who have to hold press conferences denying they're in the KKK have to say about it.

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