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Could Edmond be getting a skyline?

Move over, Purina factory. It looks like there's a new dog coming to Edmond.

According to an article on, the city of Edmond is considering building a five-story building to house retail, city offices and even a top floor penthouse that will provide majestic views of the city's cookie cutter McMansion neighborhoods, fast food chicken restaurants and red stop lights on Broadway.

Here are the details via

The skyline of downtown Edmond could change with the addition of a $23 million five-story city office and retail building, as city officials look to replace the old police station.

Before a city council meeting, architects with Small Architects detailed plans to demolish the old police station at First Street and Littler Avenue and consolidate most of the city offices.

"The skyline of downtown Edmond could change?" Uhm, don't you need a skyline before you can change one? If your skyline is literally a flat line, it doesn't count.

The old police station, which was built in 1965, has been vacant since 2015...

Parking for the new building will be limited, with street parking and the current city lots being used until the city creates a new parking lot or garage...

Around 150 spaces would be needed for the offices, but city officials said they have enough parking, though it would require walking from several blocks away.

“We are trying to change the mindset of people on parking,” said City Manager Larry Stevens.

Does Edmond have a Steve Lackmeyer yet? If not, can we develop a TV reality competition to get them one? We need someone to get mad about demolishing the old Edmond police station and complain about parking.

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