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Cory Williams Trolled Speaker McCall’s Press Conference…

It looks like we found the official slogan of the 2017 Oklahoma Legislature – "This is Bullshit."

Yesterday afternoon, after a failed vote on the Oklahoma Oil Overlord-approved tax and revenue measure, Republican House Speaker Charles McCall held a press conference in a congested room at the capitol to blame Democrats for voting against a bill that would have disproportionately raise taxes on lower-income Oklahomans, and kept gross production tax rates at their stupidly-low

As the press conference started, State Rep. Cory Williams of Stillwater snuck into a hallway and began to heckle an obviously annoyed Speaker McCall with wisecrack questions about the failed budget plan.

Check it out:

That was pretty good. Maybe next time Williams can bring Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, because that would be funny.

Naturally, the local media and politicos went nuts on McCall's "bullshit" line, but that was overrated.The best part was the look on Cory Williams and Jason Dunnington's faces right before the Speaker walked by. I'm pretty sure they were both expecting an Atoka punch:

Anyway, I kind of like how our state capitol press conferences are starting to mirror the ones for Mayweather / McGregor. Next time, expect McCall and Williams to dress up in tiny underwear and stare each other down while flanked by hot legislative aides in skimpy Corona bikinis.

Also, I don't blame McCall for being annoyed with the situation and dropping a "bull shit" bomb. Williams did probably cross some sort of tact line. Plus, the Speaker is an ideological tea party guy who believes wholeheartedly in the fundamentally flawed theory of trickle down economics. Deep down, I bet he truly feels this budget plan is a good one, and that Dems are letting down the Oklahoma people. Scary thought, huh?

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