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Scott Inman is resigning and dropping out of Governor’s race…


It's time for this week's edition of "Oklahoma Lawmakers Resigning in Disgrace."

Scott Inman – a leading member of the Oklahoma Democratic party – announced today that he is dropping out of the Governor's race and will be resigning his seat from the Oklahoma House.

In a Facebook post, he claimed the decision was due to "the stresses and strains of my career" and "the choice to wrongly prioritize my life’s decisions." According to some preliminary unsubstantiated rumors going around the capitol, that may be code for "I had a lengthy one-year affair with a campaign staffer."

Here's his announcement:

Yeah, there's something going on here. You don't abruptly resign from you house leadership position during a special session and end your gubernatorial aspirations so suddenly without some sort of catalyst or personal crisis, like for example, your wife finding out you were banging it out with another woman. Then again, maybe Scott knew this was going to happen the whole time. Remember how sad he looked in his campaign announcement?

I joked at the time that it looked like a commercial for a internet pornography addiction treatment center. I think I may have been on the right path.

Anyway, this is a breaking news story with deep ramifications to the current budget crisis battle. We'll have more as it develops in the next day or two. If you have any tips or scoop, hit us up at

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