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Breaking News – Man With Marijuana Tried To Enter Grady County Fair!

12:27 PM EDT on August 31, 2017

Although I've lived in Oklahoma my entire life, I've never been to local a county fair. According to this story on KFOR – Oklahoman's over-sensationalized fear-mongering news leader – it looks like I've been missing out on a good chance to buy cheap marijuana.


A man was arrested after trying to enter the Grady County Fair with a backpack full of drugs, including possible marijuana-infused gummy bears.

Keldyn Pena was pulled over while turning into the parking lot of the Grady County fairgrounds because of an expired Texas paper tag.

"Deputy Phil McCarthy observed the vehicle and stopped him just as he was going to pull in to the fairgrounds parking area,” Grady County Sheriff Jim Weir said. "There were enough indicators that he decided he would go ahead and run his dog on the vehicle, and he got an alert.”

The backpack, found inside the vehicle, had several quarter bags of marijuana, pills, and gummy bears believed to be infused with marijuana.

What's this guy doing wasting his time selling weed at the Grady County Fair in Chickasha? That's meth country. He should save up his supply and sell marijuana gummies and other 420 baked goods at the Affair of the Heart. He'd make a killing.

In other news, OH MY GOD!!! Gummy bears believed to be infused with marijuana!? GASP!!! That's something that's only legal in 34 states! Lock your doors, clean out the storm cellar and hide the women and children. We'll never be safe again.

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