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The Black Mass Guy Can’t Catch a Break

The Black Mass guy is in the news again.

This time around, it doesn't have anything to do with planning a mass hysteria-inducing goth metal concert at the Civic Center (a.k.a Black Mass). He's now suing the Putnam City School District for allegedly violating his family's civil rights.

Via News 9:

Metro School District Sued By Known Devil Worshiper

A known Devil worshiper is suing an Oklahoma City metro school district, claiming his family’s civil rights were violated as well as other complaints, according to court documents.

Adam and Kelsey Daniels are suing Putnam City Schools, Overholser Elementary and the Putnam City School Board for violating the family’s civil rights, defamation and negligence, according to a petition filed on Monday at the Oklahoma County courthouse.

I have an idea. Can we get News 9 to label every subject of every news story by the religious deity they worship? For example, the next time some youth minister is convicted of a sex crime, they could go with "Known Jesus worshipper convicted of child sexual abuse." I think that would do everyone a favor, and make it easier for people of all faiths to blindly judge and form misguided opinions about others based on religious affiliation.

Here's more:

According to the court document, the Daniels family claim they have been investigated or interviewed by the state Department of Human Services more than 30 occasions since 2013 due their “alternative non-Christian based religion.”

“The District has systemically and through its agents over a period of years made allegations against the Plaintiffs using the Department of Human Services via their Child Protective Services division as a weapon of convenience against them,” according to the filing.

Wow. They've only been investigated 30 times? Knowing what we know about the judgmental nature of the Oklahoma people, that seems kind of low. I thought it would be closer to 50 or 60. I guess we are making some progress as a state:

Daniels claimed the "constant barrage of complaints and circulating rumors" have affected his income and stance substantially.

The suit also claimed the children were bullied by students and staff while the parents were subjected to repeated allegations of neglect and abuse made by district personnel. The suit stated the children were not provided a safe environment by the district.

One of instances of alleged mistreatment of the children by the district was that one child, who is severely autistic and mute, was repeatedly strip searched by a school nurse, according to the lawsuit.

The Daniels family is suing for a $300,000 judgment along with cost of interest, attorney fees and any other further relief.

Before we continue, I want to clarify one thing. Whether you think the universe was created by an authoritarian, rule-following supernatural deity who sent his only son to die on Earth because of the loose morals of humans, or worship Om Jahi Hail, the mother of wickedness whose dark lust makes the Universe owe, I think all religions are equally weird and silly. They have more in common with comic book movies than real life. I wouldn't be surprised if there is some sort of higher power that created the universe we call home and the conscious that guides us, but if there is, it's way beyond our simple human comprehension.

With that disclaimer out-of-the-way, I just want to say that I'm rooting for Adam and his family on this one. This is for a couple of reasons.

1. I like to pull for the underdog, and I can't think of a bigger underdog than a Devil worshipping family living in the Bethany area. I went to middle school and high school in the same part of town, and it's basically composed of three gangs – Baptist, Nazarene and Non-Denominational. As an open and proud agnostic atheist in high school, I know how judgemental, prejudiced and terrified some people in that area can be towards non-believers, much less devil worshipers.

2. $300,000 is a lot of money. I hope he gets it, because then he could afford to get Glenn Danzig to play the next Black Mass! Who wouldn't want to sing along to "Mother?"

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