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Brave Intoxicated Woman Confronts Bricktown Water Taxi

Let's be honest for a second. If you're an Oklahoma City resident, there's nothing more embarrassing than being spotted on the Bricktown Water Taxi.

Although the Bricktown canal is charming and picturesque, riding along the plodding vessels that trod through it is the rice cake of Oklahoma City tourist attractions. Outside of an occasional fight on the Chelino's patio, there's just nothing fun or exciting about the excursion. It's one reason why we think the Bricktown Association should spice things up and recreate major naval battles on the weekends.

Apparently we're not the only people who feel this way. Yesterday evening, Flora Stanton jumped into the canal in a brave attempt to protect tourists from the boredom that lay ahead:

Police arrested a woman Wednesday after they say she jumped in the Bricktown Canal and was interrupting water taxi traffic.

Flora Stanton, 45, was arrested August 2 on a complaint of public drunkenness and cited for swimming in the canal. Oklahoma City Police Department reports show that at 5:25 p.m. officers were called to the Bricktown Canal near the Bass Pro Shops parking lot.

The caller told police that a woman had jumped into the canal and was stopping water taxi traffic. The woman, later identified as Stanton, got out of the canal and fled the area when police arrived. Police found Stanton and smelled a strong odor of alcohol. She was then placed into custody.

When asked why she jumped into the canal, Stanton allegedly stated she was "checking water levels."

Yeah, she went with the whole "checking the water levels" line. That's the same excuse I gave when I wading through the old coin fountain at Crossroads Mall!

Anyway, we'd like to commend Flora for this brave act of heroism. The Bricktown Water Taxi is still running, but for a brief moment in time, she saved the day. Now she can focus her attention on the next task at hand – halting the Devon River Cruise.

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