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Goofy convicted felon wants to run for Labor Commissioner

Last week, The Oklahoman reported that Leo Kingston – a former Oklahoma lawmaker, convicted felon, businessman, restaurateur, and the less visible half of the infamous 1.800.2SELLHOMES – is considering a run for Labor Commissioner.

Former Oklahoma City state Sen. Leo Kingston says he's considering a campaign for labor commissioner.

Kingston, 67, was a first-term senator when a federal grand jury indicted him for defrauding the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development with his private real estate dealings. He was convicted in 1990 and served three years of an eight-year sentence.

That's nice. If we're going to elect inmates to run the asylum around here, they might as well be authentic. If he ever gets caught embezzling funds or hanging out in southside hotel room with a teenage male prostitute, nobody will be surprised.

Like most eccentric ex-con men who have experienced suspicious success since being released from prison, Kingston is changed man:

Since prison, however, Kingston returned to real estate and built a successful enterprise buying and selling property. He owned 1-800-2SELLHOMES before selling the company last year, and now operates, which deals in commercial real estate and mineral rights.

In a Facebook post Saturday, Kingston told his friends he would think about running for labor commissioner. Saying he has “risen from the ashes and believe in second chances,” Kingston wrote that he understands what job creators go through to be successful in business.

This sounds like a great idea, but only because I want to see Paulette and Sweet Brown do some commercials for 1-800-Vote-4-Leo. That would be awesome.

Once again, does anyone know what's happened to Sweet Brown? She's totally fallen off the map. The last thing I can find of her on YouTube is this clip where she drives a Lamborghini for some high-end car dealer in Dallas. I guess she doesn't have time for us.

Anyway, Leo must be pretty serious about his run, because he apparently closed his patio restaurant "Fat Dog" on Sunday. Louis reviewed the place earlier this year. Even though Leo doesn't own the building, I heard via the Ogle Mole Network that he's actively trying to sell upgrades that he's made. As the Mole suggested, someone should make him low-ball offer for fast, easy, cash.

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