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Case closed – Oklahoma belongs in the Southwest

2:23 PM EDT on July 26, 2017

Yesterday, The Oklahoma Social Mediasphere went nuts when ESPN's "Around the Horn" posted a behind-the-scenes outtake of panelists discussing one of the most difficult questions in the history of mankind – to what region of America does Oklahoma belong?

That's a solid discussion that I think we've all had with out-of-state relatives during the holidays. I'd give a couple of points to both Hayes and Blackistone. Kimes and Spain would have been muted.

Fortunately for all of them, we asked this very same question when the topic made the rounds back in October of 2016. That's awesome because I now get to copy and paste some stuff:

What the hell is Oklahoma? Based on all the truck nuts and cowboy hats I see driving along I40, I’d lean southwest. That being said, ask someone else and you may get an entirely different answer. For example, someone who lives in Jenks may go with Midwest, someone who designs our license plates may go Mountain West, and some Confederate Flag waving yeehaw from Doorant who loves nothing more than to brag about southern heritage while drinking a Budweiser would go Southern. It’s like we took some of the good and most of the bad of other regions, mixed them together with some bitters and Texas grapefruit, and came out with crazy, unidentifiable, hangover-inducing cocktail we are today.

We also polled our readers to get their thoughts on the matter. The results were mixed. Check them out:

Yep, according to TLO readers, Oklahoma is in the Southwest. I think that won because most of our readers come from OKC, which feels like the Southwest. If Tulsa had a larger voice on this site, either Hades or the Midwest would have received more votes.

Anyway, I'm going to wrap this up and take a 23-and-a-half hour break. Debate away in the comments.


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