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Stan Miller is leaving News 9…

12:23 PM EDT on July 18, 2017

Oklahoma City mornings are about to be more enjoyable!

News 9's Stan Miller announced on-air yesterday that he's leaving the News 9 morning show. He's apparently moving to Montana to live with his wife, cruise the countryside on his motorcycle, and scout future hunting expeditions for Lacey Swope.

Here's a "behind the scenes" view of the announcement:

That's sweet. Will someone pass me a tissue? I need to wipe some eye goop off my dog.

I was never that big of a Stan Miller fan. Like most smiley old men who ride motorcycles, wear makeup and retweet Breitbart, Fox News and Ted Cruz, he came across as a tool who thinks he's cool. I guess TLO readers agreed – they voted him the worst news anchor in Oklahoma City in 2013.

Stan didn't take the distinction all too well. In a now deleted tweet, he claimed that he didn't really care what our "five readers" thought about him. When I responded that we get over 100,000 unique visitors a month, he claimed our readers are definitely "unique." He then blocked us on Twitter, masturbated into a bandana, and stole Dean Blevins Smart Ones. At least I think that's how it all went down. My memory is hazy.

Stan is being replaced in the morning by longtime Oklahoma City utility anchor Robin Marsh. She and her trademark smile are moving back to the mornings. This is her announcement:

That's a good move. Whether she's cooking recipes with the Fat N Sassy Momma or tossing it over to Jed for the bus stop forecast, Robin knows how to play all news positions. We wish her the best, and hopefully she doesn't block us on Twitter.

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