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Ackerman McQueen still produces great NRA propaganda…

3:54 PM EDT on July 5, 2017

Every now and then, we like to remind our readers that Ackerman McQueen – the time-worn behemoth of the OKC advertising scene – is the longtime agency of record for the right wing dystopian future propaganda machine known as the National Rifle Association.

In fact, the NRA takes top billing on Ackerman's website, in front of prominent Oklahoma-based groups like INTEGRIS, OG&E, Chickasaw Nation, the OKC Chamber, BankFirst, Taco Mayo, and every casino that advertises during Thunder games.

We like to expose Ackerman's NRA work for several reasons, with the primary one being we can. Unlike other local media outlet in town, Ackerman doesn't spend any of their clients' marketing dollars with us, therefore, we have nothing to lose by exposing the agency's profitable connection to one of the most distasteful and disgraceful organizations of our time.

Anyway, I'm bringing this up thanks to the batshit crazy NRA video that's currently making the rounds. You've probably already seen it on social media. It features Jessica Schambach's evil twin sister warning paranoid schizophrenics and rural conspiracy theorists about the evil, mysterious, terrifying hate group know as "They." It's worth watching just so you can know how North Koreans feel whenever they turn on the television.

Check it out:

I own guns, and full support an individual's right to own as many guns and firearms as possible to overcompensate for a small penis, and even I think that's crazy. That being said, when America finds itself embroiled in a deadly, borderless Civil War in a decade or so, it will be neat to see an Oklahoma company so deeply involved in the process! Ackerman employees, and especially the agency's other clients, should be very proud!

In fact, maybe that's why the media doesn't mention the Ackerman - NRA partnership. They probably don't want to give them free advertising! Seriously, I wonder how many Oklahoma family's spent the 4th of July watching the video while cleaning their guns, stocking their bunkers and liking their Trump tweets? They probably played on the big screen at every lakeside bar in the state.

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