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Damon Lane tweets photo of man’s hail and penis…

9:52 AM EDT on May 23, 2017

Back in 2015, KOCO Channel 5 Chief Meteorologist Damon Lane wrote a blog post complaining about the fake hail photo epidemic sweeping social media. I guess he's bombarded with fake pics following storms, and wanted to warn others about the growing problem.


What some people will do for a little bit of attention. I know this blog won't end the need to send us silly..fake...hail pictures.

But hopefully it will help you know how to spot a fake. If all this blog does is stop 1 person from sharing/retweeting a fake hail picture...then I'll be happy...

So how can you tell if the hail picture you're looking at is indeed legit? Hail stones come in all shapes and sizes. But the most important thing to look at is how smooth is the hail? Sometimes hail is smooth....

Also...look for dirt and grass to be stuck in the hail. You will usually find those in hail stones..especially big ones.

That's a nice, informed blog post. I think Damon only left out one tip – "Make sure that hail photo doesn't include a dick pic." He learned this the shriveled way last night when he retweeted a photo of naked man holding a handful of nickel size hail. It started off innocently enough...

See? Nothing wrong with that! Well, that is unless you click on the photo. You see, that pic is just a thumbnail of a larger photo. If you click on the image to expand it… uhhh… this happens.

Sorry. This is a family website and I had to censor the original photo by placing Aaron Tuttle's head over the man's penis. Please send thank yous in the form of PayPal donations.

Anyway, I have no clue whether or not Jamie Nicole was intentionally trolling Damon Lane, or if she inadvertently sent him a photo of her husband's cock, but Damon quickly untweeted the pic and began apologizing:

That's nice and everything, but how does a meteorologist who writes blog posts about fake hail fail to identify fake hail? This would be like me mistaking a real dong for a weather dong.

Okay, it all makes sense now. Also, maybe Damon will stop sharing pics of hail now.

Anyway, there's really no need for Damon to apologize. Just ask Dean Blevins, this could happen to anyone. Hell, it's not even the most embarrassing thing to happen to a weatherman this week. I present Joe Puma with the KTEN Texoma news team:

See what I mean? I'd much rather tweet a pic of another person's dong than nearly reveal mine during a severe thunderstorm warning.

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