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Continental Resources sent Hamm Lemmings to protest at the Capitol…

12:48 PM EDT on May 19, 2017

Yesterday afternoon, a busload of oil and natural gas industry employees left the corporate high rises of downtown OKC to encourage lawmakers not to raise gross production taxes as part of a new budget agreement. I guess they don't mind living in a hell hole as long as they have a job, gated community and can afford to send their kids to private schools.

Overall, the "protesters" put on a pretty good show. They clapped their hands, held up signs and reminded everyone that Oklahoma energy industry employees are a diverse lot of grateful, business-casual white people who will do whatever their employer asks.

Here's a pic from Dale Denwalt:

Oil and gas votes too? I thought they just bought off politicians! No wonder this state is such a shit show.

The not-so-big secret about the protesters is that most of them arrived together on this bus:

We had an Ogle Mole on the scene, and he asked the bus driver where he was heading after the protest. The answer? Continental Resources. That surprised me. Based on how suburban white the group was, I assumed they were going straight to Louie's for Happy Hour.

Since these people were allegedly bussed in by their employer, I have a question – Does this make them the paid protesters that Donald Trump complains about? Considering I doubt they took any PTO, probably so. Either way, that phrase is played out. I think we should call them Hamm Lemmings instead. Based on this picture, it fits:

Seriously, look at the Hamm Lemming. We should give him a medal for holding the site the correct direction.

Anyway, if what the bus driver told our Mole was true, I don't really blame Harold Hamm for bringing in the protestors. The man's an evil, greedy, selfish, toad-shaped oil baron that helped get Donald Trump elected as President. That's what they do.

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