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Here are the 5,000 name ideas submitted for the MAPS 3 Park


Back in March, Oklahoma City residents were asked to submit name ideas for the 70-acre MAPS 3 Super Park that will someday be located in and around the Oklahoma River just south of downtown. The guidelines were very simple – residents would have until April 7th to submit names at the city's website, a committee would then pick their six favorite, and then that public would vote. At least I think that's how it works.

Apparently the residents of Oklahoma City really care about naming things, because according to a secret list we obtained via the Ogle Mole Network, they provided over 5,000 name submissions. You can view the full list after the jump:

Okay, so maybe posting 5,000 rows from a spreadsheet on this website isn't a good idea. Here's a link instead.

Here are a few notes:

• Submissions were pretty typical. They were very similar to the team names we get at TLO Trivia Nights. They ranged from the boring and traditional (Union Park, Pioneer Park, Heartland Park) to the weird and unusual (Parkie McParkface, Happy Sexy Fun Park, The Lost Parkle) to the angry and mean (Lost Ogle Sucks Park, Michael Kimball Eats Boogers Park, Yo Mama So Big Park.)

• Many of the names submitted were duplicates. For example, Westbrook Park was submitted a total of nine times. Summoning Site of Dargoth the Destroyer received 29 submissions. Squirellville, the favorite of my dogs, received a whopping 322 nominations.

• We listed some possible name ideas back in March, and apparently nobody listens to us. The only ones to show up were Toby Keith's "I Love This Park" (once) and Enterprise Park (twice.) We're upset that nobody went with Steve Lackpark, but we did get four submissions for Steve Parkmeyer.

Anyway, you can mine through the entire list here. Share your favorites in the comments. Something tells me the selection committee could use your help.

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