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Oklahoma House warns Capitol Pages about “cross-dressers in the building.”

Earlier today, Oklahomans for Equality announced that nearly 70 Oklahoma students would be hitting the Oklahoma State Capitol today to lobby for state education funding and an update to our state's HIV / AIDS education curriculum.

Here's a pic of the heathens meeting up before the bus trip:

If the thought of 60 students in support of equality gathering at the Capitol sounds scary, guess what, you're a discriminatory bigot! You're also probably a GOP lawmaker at the Oklahoma Capitol. They responded to the crisis the best way they could – by allowing Capitol Pages to use a secret 4th floor "ladies restroom" to get away from all "the cross-dressers in the building."

Seriously, I'm not making this up. Check out this email that Karen Kipgen, the Page Program Supervisor for the State House, sent out earlier this morning:

First of all, I should probably point out that some Oklahoma lawmakers, like William Fourkiller, are not allowed to be around or work with Capitol Pages. I wonder which bathroom Pages are supposed to use to get away from him... and Dan Kirby... and Ralph Shortey... and all the other non-cross-dressing perverts who work in the building?

In other news... really? They sent this out in an email? Bigoted stuff like this needs to be passed around verbally. Did Karen not get the memo? That's almost as dumb as using a cheesy script font as an email signature.

Couple of additional thoughts:

1. The email started with a "As per the Speaker's office." That means the decision was made by House Speaker McCall – a man who follows women around the grocery store observing their behaviors to support his anecdotal stereotypes. Knowing the hypocrisy of Oklahoma lawmakers like we do, I wonder how long it will be until he's busted in his own cross-dressing sex scandal? One week? Two months? Never? I guess we'll wait and see.

2. Karen specifies that "Again, there are cross-dressers in the building." I would assume the use of "Again" mean this has already been communicated. Maybe she did go the verbal approach but none of the Pages paid attention because they're young and really don't care which bathroom people use or what clothes they wear. If so, I apologize for my criticism above. Please continue with the bigotry that embarrasses our state on the national level.

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