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Stan Hupfeld has a funny graphic designer…

One of the big races on tomorrow's ballot is for Oklahoma City School Board Chair.

It's a well-funded campaign pitting Cliff Hudson's candidate of choice – OKC school board member Paula Lewis – against the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce's candidate of choice – former INTEGRIS CEO Stan Hupfeld.

For the past month or so, each candidate has been flooding voter mailboxes with postcards listing endorsements from local business leaders, teachers, parents and apparently sarcastic graphic designers who like to mock Donald Trump.

Here's one that Hupfeld's campaign sent out last week:

Okay, that's kind of funny. I guess Stan is lucky his graphic designer isn't a pervert, otherwise his endorsement would have come from the girl with the biggest tits.

As a former graphic designer, I should probably tell you that mistakes like this happen all time. For example, I once sent a direct mail piece to a printer that had a typo on it. Imagine that, huh? Although I didn't get fired, let's just say Midfirst wasn't happy when over 150,000 customers received a direct mail postcard offering a low 49.0% home equity loan interest rate.

Naturally, the hard hitting high-brow journalists at Yawn Doc decided to investigate that matter from their safe space, because you know, how a goofy mistake made its way on a postcard is important stuff that informed people need to know about. Here's what they discovered...

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Here's more:

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Anyway, I guess we'll see how all this affects tomorrow's school board race. Be sure to vote early and vote often.

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