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Baker Street has closed…

Grab your bedazzled eagle wing shirt – or Ed Hardy – out of the closet and use it as a tissue. We have some sad news to report.

According to various social media reports, Baker Street – the "pub" on N. Memorial that everyone in Oklahoma City has probably found their way into at least once over the past 10 years – has closed.

Back in the mid to late aughts, it was the place to see and be seen in Oklahoma City, especially if you were a college dropout, divorced alcoholic or fan of Jersey Shore. It's where cougars went to prowl and Douche Bags went to get caught... if there was a cover charge at Café Nova or Rok Bar.

The news took most people in the bar industry by surprise. Granted, most of that surprise was "Baker Street is still open?" but it was surprise nonetheless. Superfreak never saw it coming:

Poor Superfreak. Hopefully Russell's takes them back.

When I was searching for a Baker Street photo on Google, I stumbled across the following pic. It was the third Google image result, and probably tells you everything you need to know about the place. Fittingly, it's located on MySpace:

See what I mean? Rowdy cougars? Check. Old bald guy? Check. Drunk brahs in the back? I bet they were all dancing to Soulja Boy! That's the Baker's Street I remember, and sadly, will never be forced to go back to.

All joking aside, our thoughts go out to the Baker Street employees who lost their jobs today. On the negative side of things, you're now unemployed, but on a positive note, you now get to find a new job that isn't at Baker Street. We wish you the best of luck.

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