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Oklahoma is officially the worst state for women…

Earlier this week, some clickbait website called MoveHub ranked all 50 states based on the quality of life for women. They factored in things like gender pay, political representation, reproductive rights, domestic violence and access to nail salons. Hawaii was number one on the list. Oklahoma was... well... just check out this graphic:

Although I question any chart that includes a state abbreviation following a state name, that's embarrassing. We're at least better than Louisiana and Utah, right? Sure, Oklahoma may be a bad place for women, but at least they don't have to flash boobs for beads or share their husbands with other wives.

Anyway, I have a special message for all of our lady readers out there. Don't feel too bad. First of all, this is not a surprise. We've known Oklahoma's been a bad place for women for a long time. Second, there's a lot of room for improvement. There's nowhere to go but up. Third, you're not alone. Oklahoma is a pretty shitty place for men to call home, too. Sure, we may make more money and have more political power, but that's overrated. At least you're probably going to live longer!

Wait. Considering you'd be living in the worst state for women, that's probably not a good thing. I guess put another feather in the "Being a Man" cap.

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