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St. Patrick’s in the Big Town: Bricktown, McNellie’s and Night Trips

8:55 AM EDT on March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Or as I refer to it, Friday. Not because I drink all the time, but rather the opposite. I'm not a drinker. So why am I serving up the events on this glorious day of drinking? Ask Patrick, he makes the executive decisions and big bucks. Me, I'm just trying to be the next Marisa.

Here are some facts about the real St. Patrick, as per Wikipedia. He lived in the fifth century and is thought to be the founder of Christianity in Ireland. At the age of 16 he was kidnapped by pirates and held for six years. His primary responsibility while a hostage? Look after animals. This certainly was not the golden age of piracy. That was 2000-2001 with Napster.

So it's an Irish guy who took care of goats and sheep while being held hostage by lame pirates that is the reason you are drinking all of this green beer. I'm not saying it's a bad reason. I'm just stating a fact. So remember that why you hunched over a toilet above green puke. This is for you St. Patrick!

Here's your St. Patrick's Day in the Big Town....


Bricktown SPD Block Party at Tapwerks

Fri - Noon, Tapwerks - 121 E. Sheridan Ave, No Cover

The epicenter of St Patrick's fun in Bricktown will be located at Tapwerks Ale House, inside and out. Outdoor festivities include live music, lawn games and covered seating. Of course there will be food, beer and alcohol, and don't forget to pick up a limited edition t-shirt.

If you head out to downtown a bit early, stop by the family-friendly "Go Green" celebration at Myriad Gardens. Starting at 10am, the event includes live music, face painting, crafts and story telling.


McNellie's SPD Celebration

Fri - 10am, McNellie's Public House - 1100 Classen Dr, No Cover

In Oklahoma, it doesn't get much more Irish than a pub named McNellie's. The bar with the primo spot facing the roundabout is celebrating the day of green in multple fashions.

Beginning at noon, McNellie's will have a DJ playing throughout the day along with drink specials. At 8pm, Hosty will be playing a live set. McNellie's, through Facebook Messenger, told me personally there will be plenty of Guinness. It doesn't get more official than that.


Night Trips SPD

Fri - Noon, Night Trips - 220 S Vermont, $$$?

If you find the wearing of green garments a bit cliché for St. Patrick's Day, why not go to an establishment where they wear less clothes? Night Trips will be celebrating the SPD like only they know how, and technically other institutions legally cannot.

I'm not positive on all the ways Night Trips will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day, however, we decided to use this event once we saw there's going to something called the "Money Shot $100 Cash Cannon Giveaway." I don't know what all this entails, or if it's moral, but it's definitely worth a mention.

Have fun.

Adam is a musician and freelance journalist. He likes small dogs.

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