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Ogle Madness X: Midwest Region, Upper Bracket

We're halfway through the first round of Ogle Madness X. That's cool. Plus, the real March Madness tips-off at 11am today. That's cooler! Hopefully I'll be at Ed Lynn's Buffalo Wild Wings on NW Expressway drinking beer and watching hoops by the time you're voting on this.

Here are the morning matchups:

(1) Olivia Munn vs. (16) Oklahoma Lawmakers
(8) Red Dirt Report vs. (9) Non Doc
(4) Moving Out Of Oklahoma vs. (13) KFOR Social Media Bandit
(5) Joe Exotic vs. (12) Reba McEntire

Go vote!

(1) Olivia Munn vs. (16) Oklahoma Lawmakers

(1) Olivia Munn

Who? Famous PC North Graduate

Strength: Very photogenic from the proper angle

Weakness: Turned down TLO interview request in 2008, delaying the explosion of her career.


(16) Oklahoma Lawmakers

Who? Elected body that seems hell-bent on making this state an awful place to live

Strength: Serving their energy industry overlords

Weakness: Underage prostitutes and capitol pages



(8) Red Dirt Report vs. (9) Non Doc

(8) Red Dirt Report

What? Alt-Left Local News Website

Strength: They also employ the services of Louis Fowler

Weakness: Sometimes requires an aluminum hat to fully enjoy


(9) Non Doc

What? A Filter, Not A Funnel. Whatever that means.

Strength: Using The Lost Ogle to generate interest and page views for fledgling website

Weakness: Needs a larger safe space



(4) Moving Out Of Oklahoma vs. (13) KFOR Social Media Bandit

Couple Amidst Moving Boxes

(4) Moving Out Of Oklahoma

What? Something every sane, practical Oklahoman should be considering

Strength: Happiness and opportunity

Weakness: Quality onion burgers will be harder to find


(13) KFOR Social Media Bandit

Who? Person in charge of social media for KFOR

Strength: You won't be what happens next! Please share.

Weakness: Eats all of Scott Hines' vegan banana nut bread



(5) Joe Exotic vs. (12) Reba McIntire

5) Joe Exotic

Who? Former US presidential candidate from Oklahoma

Strength: Tigers

Weakness: Ligers


(12) Reba McEntire

Who? Queen of Oklahoma Country Music

Strength: Hair and vocals

Weakness: Still won't do an interview with Amanda Taylor


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