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Amazon to charge Oklahoma sales tax tomorrow…

You only have a few hours left to enjoy that 8.375% discount on consumer goods, electronics, apparel, and other weird stuff on the Internet.

Yes, it's true. Effective midnight tonight, Amazon will begin charging sales taxes on purchases shipped to Oklahoma. It's part of a deal the Internet giant signed with Governor a month or two ago.

If you don't want to read about the tax or my predictable joke about Mary Fallin, use this link to go buy Amazon products ASAP. We're part of their affiliate program and get a little change of each purchase. Otherwise, here's the story via KFOR:

Governor Mary Fallin says online retail giant Amazon will begin collecting sales tax on purchases made by Oklahoma customers, a move she says is estimated to bring “tens of millions of dollars” into state and local coffers.

Fallin announced on Thursday that Amazon will begin collecting sales taxes March 1, 2017, and that the money will begin flowing into the state in May.

She says the revenue will not affect this year’s current $870 million budget hole, because the Tax Commission already projected some increased collections as a result of their negotiations with Amazon.

In case you weren't 100% convinced that Mary Fallin hates Oklahoma, keep in mind the only thing she's accomplished over the past couple of years was getting Amazon to charge sales taxes. Thanks again Mary!

Actually, I get it. We should probably have to pay a sales tax on Amazon stuff. It really does hurt small and local businesses. It also helps big businesses that employ people when their small and local business goes out of business thank to the Oklahoma recession.

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