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Old liberal Oklahoma man drops mic on Scott Pruitt…

Outside of this article, we haven't spent a lot of time on Trump's appointment of Devon Energy's Scott Pruitt to head the EPA. Can you blame us? What would you rather write about? The man who helps greedy, soulless corporations control our government, plunder our resources, and destroy our environment, or a substitute teacher exposing her privates while performing cartwheels for a junior high chorus? The choice is clearer than Alta-Mere!

So, instead of wasting all my time preaching to the choir about Pruitt's nomination, I'm going to let Bill Moyers have the floor. He's a former member of the Lyndon Johnson administration, a long time political pundit, and according to Wikipedia, is from Hugo, Oklahoma.

He recently produced a video on Facebook that drops the mic on Pruitt, and explains why and how his appointment is so bad for the US and rest of the world. Grab a Werther's Original and enjoy…

See what I mean? That's pretty good. Does it matter in the whole scheme of things? Not really, Pruitt will still be confirmed, but at least you'll be able to say "I told you so!" when black sludge drips out of your faucet during the next man-made Oklahoma earthquake.

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