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Oklahoma City sucks at recycling…

2:25 PM EST on January 30, 2017

Last week, the website "attn:" created one of those oh-so-sharable Facebook videos that compared the recycling efforts of Los Angeles to that of Oklahoma City.

The verdict? It looks like we have some catching up to do...

I know we're not the best place in the world for recycling, but is it really fair to compare Oklahoma City to Los Angeles? LA is a progressive city in a progressive state that values the environment. The only things OKC and LA have in common are NBA basketball and earthquakes. I want to see how OKC's recycling stacks up with more comparable cities like Omaha, Little Rock and Albuquerque.

Also, why did the video have to be so negative? It's claims "Oklahoma City is the worst city in America for recycling," but totally ignores that Oklahoma City is the best city in the country for people who really hate recycling! Seriously, let's use this as a recruiting tool! Do you enjoy tossing aluminum cans into a regular trash can? Would you rather use a plastic fork instead of a metal one? Want a new bag every time you go to the grocery store? Then come on down to Oklahoma City! We're the place for you!

Well, at least we are for now. After the video went live, whoever runs the City of Oklahoma City Twitter account reminded everyone that we're getting bigger recycle bins...

Yeah, watch out L.A. We're going to have to bigger recycling bins. We're also going to be able to recycle cardboard. I guess that means Cardboard Jim Traber can now live forever. That's reassuring.

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