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Christina Fallin’s online poker project needs an “International Female Spokesperson.”

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Earlier this week, Brianna "Vitalogy" Bailey provided an update on the saga.

Remember that totally legitimate deal? It involved a virtually unknown Native American tribe working with a shady Orlando nightclub owner, Christina Fallin and Justin Bieber-backed social gaming company to bring online Oklahoma tribal casino poker to international airline flights across the world. You can read our initial write-up here.

In Brianna's update, we've learned some new things about the project:

• World Poker Fund – a Justin Bieber / Floyd Mayweather / Soulja Boy backed social media gaming company – is no longer involved in the project. Originally, they were supposed to invest $8.9-million for a 49% stake in the online tribal casino, but dropped out after doing "due diligence," which I think is a translation for "realizing it's probably a scam."

• Fred Khalilian, the "consultant" for the tribe who has been sued by the feds for deceptive business practices, is trying to incorporate in the always reputable Isle of Man.

• is now looking for international models to promote the company. They models have to be 10s, a blonde or brunette, and will earn "7 figure plus $$$$$$$." What a great deal, huh?!

Here's a screenshot of the totally creepy casting call:


Wow. Is that not the creepiest thing ever?! I'm a dude and even I want to spray it with mace. I bet the guy who wrote it probably hangs around Groovy's on Saturday nights handing out "modeling talent scout" business cards to girls at the bar before buying a round of Roofie-Ritas.

Anyway, are the people at blind. Hello?!?! You have the perfect Poker Tribe girl right in front of you! Her name is Christina Fallin. She can be a blonde...


A brunette...


And even a Native American!!!


Seriously, she'd be perfect for the job! She's a 10 in an affluent hipster type of way, has international flare, loves travel, and because her family's rich, PokerTribe probably wouldn't have to pay her "7 figure." Make it happen!

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