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KFOR Reporter Door Dings Angry Woman’s Car!

One cool thing about my gig at KFOR Channel 4 is that every other Friday I get to ride along with Lorne Fultonberg to buy food for the KFOR Social Media Bandits. What can I say? The bags of dog food at Sam's are large and heavy and they need someone with strong muscly arms like mine to carry them.

No matter where you work, it's always fun to leave the office to run some errands and / or bring everyone Sonic happy hour drinks, but at KFOR, it's even better because you get to take out one of the KFOR SUV things. Speed, tailgate, pass on the shoulder – you can do whatever you want in those vehicles and not have to worry about getting pulled over. The cops will totally ignore you, figuring you're probably just on the way to cover an apartment fire, tornado damage or shooting of an unarmed motorist.

Riding around in the company SUV does have one problem – everyone knows you work for KFOR! Sometimes, like when you're flirting with the lady who checks your receipt at Sam's, that can be a good thing. Other times, like when you door ding someone in a parking lot, it can be a nightmare. My KFOR co-worker Sarah Stewart learned this the hard way. Check out what some mean lady named posted on Facebook:


Before we continue, I'd should mention that the ball of blonde pictured above is Sarah Stewart. She's one of my favorite KFOR co-workers and one of the 10 nicest people on the planet.

With that out-of-the-way, let's do what Sarah can't do and give a big Oklahoma "Go To Hell" to Kathy the Tattle Tail! Who's the jerk here? Is it the person who accidentally hit a car door and apologized for it even though it didn't leave any damage, or the mean person who whines and complains about the non-damage-inducing ding on Facebook?

"Hey, sorry about that. It looks didn't do any damage."


Seriously, we should feature Kathy on "Pay It Un-Forward." It's a new segment Loren and I are developing where we drive around town and pee in the gas tanks of mean people while running errands and then send them to a mechanic that Scott Hines's is investigating for "In Your Corner." It's still in the concept stages, but I predict it will be a ratings smash. Stay tuned for more details.

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