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News 9 needs a new photo of Dede Westbrook…

I guess you can say it was another successful, satisfying, and yet still somewhat disappointing, OU football season. Yeah, 10-2 records and Big 12 Championships look good and feel good, but you can't look back on this season without remembering those colossal goose eggs from September, especially the loss to Houston. That will rank high on Bob Stoops ever-growing list of missed opportunities.

Although OU was good but not good enough to make the College Football Playoff, some of the stars of the team are racking up post-season recognition and honors. Last night, Baker Mayfield and Dede Westbrook were announced as finalists for the most over-rated trophy in sports – The Heisman.

News 9 was quick to spread the word on social media:


Listen. I'm sure the Web Editor at News 9 is a good guy. I doubt he meant any ill-will. But WTF is up with that photograph of Westbrook?! Is that the best one they could find? Dede looks like he just sent a text to his mom that was meant for his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Baker appears to be choosing which OSU player he's going to take home to bang. It's not cool and it's not right.

I'm not the only person who noticed...


Anyway, I'd like to wish Baker, Dede and the rest of the Sooners the best of luck in the Sugar Bowl, and congratulate them on yet another solid yet not spectacular season. Hopefully OU gets some good photos of Westbrook out stat. Boomer Sooner!

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