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7 best/worst karaoke jams from Oklahoma musicians

9:07 AM EST on November 28, 2016


When the nights get longer and the temperatures colder, taking a trip to a dive bar for an evening of karaoke and liquor is a great way to warm up. You don't need to have the singing voice of the youngest Hanson brother, or even the middle Hanson brother, to have a good time. All it takes is a few good friends and enough gin or whiskey to melt away your shame, and you'll be up on the stage singing like you're the old Hanson brother!

For those of you that wanna go to Cookie's and keep it local with your song selection, there are plenty of good options out there. Here are 10 karaoke jams to croak out after you've had a bucket of Corona's to yourself that will either get the bar pumped up, or annoy everyone so bad that they leave (Note: most of this list is from the 90's and/or country music, because they're fun to sing, and there isn't much else from here that'll show up in those beer-sticky binders of songs):

7) Color Me Badd - I Wanna Sex You Up

It doesn't matter if you can't pull off that silky R&B croon. As long as you sound confident, there is a 50% chance that a crowded bar wants to hear you announce "Making love until we drown" while doing the Roger Rabbit.


6) Reba McEntire - Fancy

If you can't remember the verse parts, it's pretty easy to fake. Just make sure you really nail that hook, or you'll really hear it from any of the true McEnatics in the back.


5) The Nixons - Sister

This song tests well with the 28-42 year-old white male demographic, which is crucial to entertain if you're doing karaoke at the Celebrity Club or any other Midwest City bar.


4) Joe Diffie - Pickup Man

Whether you've got a gun-rack mounted in the cab of your truck, or you don't own enough guns/truck to necessitate a gun-rack, this little number is sure to get all the mullets in the bar nodding along.


3) The Gap Band - You Dropped A Bomb On Me

Have a little Henny and Sprite with a twist of lime, get loose, and unleash a megaton of funk on the dance floor with this hit from the most popular funk band from Oklahoma's Cultural Capital, Tulsa.


2) Brooks & Dunn - Boot Scootin' Boogie

Ronnie Dunn is from Oklahoma, and this is a Ronnie Dunn jam, and if it doesn't get every whiskey drinking motherfucker in the room up and line dancing, you have failed at karaoke. Heel-toe-dosey-doe or die.


1) Garth Brooks - Friends In Low Places

Okay, this is the most obvious song on the list, but there's a serious rule to doing this at karaoke: If you so much as attempt to sing this before 1 am, you have failed everyone. It's like that person who puts in 'Don't Stop Believing' at 10:30- you're taking a last-call jam and forcing it too early in the night. This one is gonna get everyone singing along, and if the crowd isn't sufficiently drunk, it won't be nearly as effective. Feel free to attempt it, but remember to turn in your scribbled request card to the DJ late at night, because this is an encore, not an opener.

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