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Ashley Kringen is out at Channel 4…

12:32 PM EST on November 22, 2016

ashley kringen 7

I've lost another KFOR co-worker.

Earlier today, KFOR's Ashley Kringen announced she would be signing off from the KFOR Morning Show for the final time. Here's her tweet about it.

According to my sources in HR, Ashley is out because KFOR declined to renew her contract. That sucks for Ashley in the short-term, but she'll be fine. It will be very interesting to see which state agency, law enforcement division or hospital hires her as a spokesperson.

Because we worked different shifts, I really didn't know Ashley all that well. Outside of the time she forgot to put away her perfect push-up handles, causing Lance West to trip, fall and aggravate his ailing back, she seemed like a nice person.

Naturally, Ashley's morning show friends are pretty bummed out by the deal. Emily Sutton promised to make a rainbow in Ashley's honor, and Lacey Lett burned her a CD mix tape of depressing Beatles songs. They also made some Twitter tributes.

Check them out:

We wish Ashley the best of luck in her future news media and body building adventures. See you on the flip side.

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