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Oklahoman Exec Sends Angry Email to Jezebel Writer

1:00 PM EST on November 21, 2016


One cool thing about being a blogger in the Age of Trump is that writing any sort of Trump criticism is bound to generate some 2nd grade reading-level hate mail from Trump supporters.

For example, I've received my fair share of emails like this...


Hey Trumpers. I know some of you don't have the most advanced set of critical thinking skills, but it is possible to think Trump is a race-baiting fraud who doesn't deserve the presidency and still not endorse or approve of Hillary Clinton. This isn't Bud Light vs. Coors Light. You don't have to love one to hate the other. It is possible to think both Trump and Clinton are overly ambitious narcissists who – in their own unique ways – are terrible for the country.

We've also received funny comments like this:


We've been called a lot of mean things over the past nine and half years, but this is probably the first time we've been accused of being part of the establishment / mainstream media. That's awesome! Now I'm going to get rich! Bush / Clinton 2020!

Obviously, we're not the only media outlet that gets angry Trump emails. Over the weekend, this Jezebel reporter tweeted an email that was sent to her by Charles Mayer, Vice President of Marketing for The Oklahoman.

Check it out:

You know how I like to sometimes point out that The Oklahoman's hard-core right-wing political bias trickles down through all level of its news organization, affecting who or what they cover and how or why they cover it? Well holy shit, I had no clue it bleeds over into sales and marketing, too! Before you know it, carriers are going to start placing Trump signs in yards when they make their 9am paper deliveries.

Anyway, here are a few thoughts / questions about Mr. Mayer's email...

1) What type of idiot uses his corporate email address to send an email like that? 

Actually, I know the answer. It's "Trump Supporter." But seriously, can they get someone from IT to tell this ad genius about Gmail.

2) Maybe he should hold his employer's news team to the same high standards he holds Jezebel?

Once again, The Oklahoman has a 100+ year tradition of spinning news and reporting stories to promote right-wing political agendas. Maybe he should send his colleagues in The Oklahoman newsroom the same message. He could even use his work email.

3) Is Charles as embarrassed about his job or career as he should be?

Dude, you're the Vice President of Marketing for The Oklahoman. That's about as cool as being the Marketing Director for American Typewriter Supply Company. I'd suggest Charles go to work in the casket field. At least then he'd get to profit from people dying, and not have to worry about losing yet another newspaper subscriber.

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