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Aaron Tuttle was happy to meet the Hulk…

Although he drives an old beat up Nissan Pathfinder and needed $65,000 to keep his fledgling weather empire alive, Diabolical Facebook Weatherman Aaron Tuttle and his girlfriend recently attended a bodybuilding competition in California. While taking a day off to admire themselves and take photographs on what appears to be the set of a caveman movie, they ran into the original Hulk, Mr. Lou Ferrigno.

Here's a pic:


That's nice. It's always cool to run into a random celebrity, especially one who portrayed a fictional character that reflects your own personality. That being said, isn't Aaron a little bit too happy to meet the Hulk? Maybe he should lay off the testosterone cream.

Anyway, you can read the kind of creepy story about how Aaron met the Hulk on his Facebook page. Check it out, but don't try to leave a comment. He'll probably just delete it.

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