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Sheriff Whetsel reads The Lost Ogle…


On Friday, we told you about a couple of lies / exaggerations being pushed by the campaign of Oklahoma County Sheriff candidate Mike Christian. They ranged from minor gaffes that are easy to recover from (like making up endorsements in campaign mailers) to major scandals that can doom your political career (like trying to fool Sooner fans into believing you're an OU football letterman).

I guess Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel enjoyed the write up, because his campaign did this with it...


Yeah, that's real. Not only did an elected official running for reelection share a TLO article about his political opponent on Facebook, but he sponsored it, too. Does that mean I can get out of my next speeding ticket, or get a cell with a functioning toilet if I ever get sent to jail? At the very least, I should be invited to the next Oklahoma County Sheriff Media Day event.

Anyway, I'm not so sure what to think about this. It's cool that we got a couple thousand page views on a Sunday, but does this mean people in law enforcement now read The Lost Ogle? That's a scary thought. If so, I'd like to clarify that all those times I've criticized law enforcement officials, ripped civil asset forfeiture laws, called for marijuana legalization and openly admitted to breaking laws were all satirical jokes and should not be taken seriously. That would include this article about John Whetsel misusing county funds at the jail. Maybe Mike Christian should promote it on his Facebook page.

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