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This video about Thunder fans is way too accurate…

9:40 AM EDT on September 22, 2016


I was over at "Daily Thunder" yesterday catching up on some Thunder pre-season stuff and WTF, we're at next season already?! Did we skip a couple of months? It seems like it was just yesterday that OKC was upsetting the Spurs, choking against the Warriors, and trading for Oladipo to help KD and Russ secure multiple NBA championships. It's a shame that KD had to flee the city that loved him for another team of chokers he couldn't beat to try to win his elusive title that I hope he never wins because he's a two-faced coward.

Yeah. Remember the those Thunder camps we talked about around the 4th of July? I still occasionally visit one of them.

Anyway, while I was at Daily Thunder I stumbled across this funny video about Thunder fans. Apparently some guy recorded all the conversations my brother and I have had about the team over the years and reenacted the for the joy of thousands.

Check it out:

That's funny, but wasn't it a little bit too accurate? I seriously feel violated.

Anyway, the "Season of Russbrook" tips off in about 30 days or so. I'd suggest you go to DailyThunder and catch up on all the Thunder news. Also, if you enjoy self-inflicted pain, here's another video featuring a couple of OKC haters that I used to like chatting on the set of what literally may be the most boring sports TV show of all time...

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