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Breaking News: Jim Inhofe is still a sadistic asshole

2:59 PM EDT on September 13, 2016

jim inhofe

Jim Inhofe held his annual Pigeon Slaughter Jubilee this past weekend. It's the fundraiser where a bunch of degenerate white Republicans who deny science only when it's convenient for them kill birds just because they can.

Because A) the event involves slaughtering healthy animals for no good reason, and B) Jim Inhofe and his cronies left injured birds to suffer and die in the wild, the "hunt" once again gained the attention of animal rights groups.


An annual fundraiser has some people outraged about the event.

On Friday, U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe held an annual pigeon shoot fundraiser where volunteers throw pigeons from a cage into the air to be shot by people attending the fundraiser.

“There's hunting with a hunting code, hunting ethics, where you hunt an animal, use the animal, you eat the animal. Those hunters have respect for the animal in their own way,”Steve Hindi, with SHARK, told NewsChannel 4.

Animal activists are angry, saying the pigeons were simply shot for sport and left to die.

“It's not part of hunting, they're not going to be eaten and it`s neglect to have these live wounded pigeons suffering without food water, medical attention or shelter,” Hindi said.

Hundreds of pigeons were shot during the fundraiser, and some died while others were left to suffer where they fell.

"It's just sad that somebody is using live animals to kill for fun, to maim for fun as a fundraiser,” Rondi Large, of the WildCare Foundation, said. “ It's appalling."

Before we go any further, I have one quick thing to say to Senator Inhofe – Go shove a snowball up your ass you shriveled dick faced loser. Seriously. I don't know how it's done, or where you can even find snow right now with global warming and everything, but go do it. When the snowball melts, do it again. I doubt it will replicate the pure joy and rush you feel as a Christian man killing God's innocent creatures, but maybe it will feel good, or at least clean out the stench left by energy industry lobbyists.

Okay, I may have gone overboard there. Sorry.

You can read the rest of the story here, including Inhofe's ridiculous statement about the event. I know some people are going to say that we're getting mad over nothing. "Pigeons are just rats with wings!!!" I get that. Pigeons are annoying. They're pests. But that doesn't justify this animal cruelty bonanza. You don't see people gathering up rats, mice and gophers, locking them in cages in a field, and then throwing them up in the air for entitled fat white men to kill for no apparent reason. That would be inhumane, especially when you consider those rats could be used to test cosmetics.

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