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Amanda Taylor shows us what pretty white girls should do when pulled over by cops…

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As you know, tensions have never been higher between local law enforcement and the pretty upper middle class white woman community. It seems like you can't turn on the TV without some sad news report about a white woman being unfairly targeted and profiled by police just because of the color of her skin, size of her stick family decals, or make and model of her Nissan Murano.

As a result, News 9’s Amanda Taylor recently partnered with the Edmond Police Department to roleplay what a responsible, obedient white woman should do to make it out of a routine traffic stop alive. Oddly enough, it never mentions the word "crying."

Here's the ridiculously unintentionally funny tone-deaf video: - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |

Wow. That was both informative and helpful! Just be polite, follow the orders of law enforcement without any question, and make sure you're a pretty white woman and you'll get through a routine traffic stops without any trouble! That's always good to know. Thanks for the informative, not in any way eyeroll-inducing report, News 9. You always do a great job.

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