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Hunter stumbles across marijuana rainforest in Logan County…

1:46 PM EDT on August 17, 2016


As you probably know, we are strongly opposed to recreational marijuana use here at The Lost Ogle. This is because

A) Marijuana is evil.

B) The government should always have a say in what type of non-lethal recreational drugs responsible adults chose to put in their body

C) Victimless crimes are the worst types of crimes.

Knowing all that, we'd like to commend a local hunter for not telling us about the large wild marijuana grow he stumbled across on private land just north of Oklahoma City and informing the cops instead. We don't want to be tempted by a non-lethal, natural drug that makes you feel good and crave junk food.

Via News 9:

An Oklahoma deer hunter scouting for the upcoming season found more than he expected.

He stumbled upon thousands of marijuana plants appearing to grow wild on a Logan County property.

Deputies and members of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation game wardens spent Tuesday morning removing all the plants.

The deer hunter was out on the property last week when he found the marijuana plants hidden along the tree line.

Tucked back in a field just south of Langston, close to 2,800 marijuana plants grew, hidden for most likely several years before a deer hunter spotted them.

"He said he was surprised. He's hunted out there for several years in the past and said he never found it before, but he said he'd never really paid attention," Logan County Game Warden Lt. Wade Farrar said.

Before we continue, I'd like to officially announce that we are planning a TLO camping trip to Logan County this fall. If anyone wants to help us scout some potential locations, let me know. If we're lucky, maybe we'll stumble across some... uh... morel mushrooms.

Farrar and Sheriff Jim Bauman were shocked too when following up on the hunter’s find.

They said there were no trails leading to the plants and tall grass provided a concealing barrier to anyone looking for it.

"It looked, what appeared to be a wild grow. Maybe at one time, it was cultivated but it had gone wild since," Farrar said.

Farrar said he thinks many of the marijuana plants were very mature because they were as tall as 8 to 9 feet and as wide as Christmas trees.

Using machetes and their bare hands, men from both departments spent several hours Tuesday morning removing the thousands of plants.

Investigators disposed of all 2,800 marijuana plants Tuesday afternoon, burning and burying them within the county.

Marijuana plants can grow as big as Christmas trees? Oh, Holy Night! I guess I better RSVP for Smokin' Joe Dorman's Christmas Party before it's too late.

Anyway, I think we need to get in touch with EMSA and give this guy Kevin Durant's old Hero Medal. I don't know about you, but I feel a whole lot better knowing this wild growing marijuana that nobody knew existed has been burned to the ground. What a great use of taxpayer dollars! If we keep this up, it may finally be safe to go outside a hunt again.

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