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Trevor Knight is dating some girl from Duck Dynasty….

knight duck dynasty

Let's give former OU interception thrower Trevor Knight some credit. Although he struggles with the game of football when he's not playing Alabama or Kansas, he's an expert when it comes to hooking up with hot girls that look like they are still in high school.

According to this exclusive report from ET, the OU transfer is now dating some girl from the Duck Dynasty family. She doesn't have a beard... yet.

Cute new couple alert!

While rumors surrounding Sadie Robertson and Texas A&M quarterback Trevor Knight have been swirling online, the Duck Dynasty star confirms new details about their relationship exclusively to ET.

"We've been dating for three weeks, so it's super chill," Robertson said, sitting down in ET's Burbank, California, studio on Monday. But the duo has been friendly for a few months now, popping up fairly frequently in each other's Instagram feeds.

Once again, good for Trevor. Even though he fumbled away his chance to hook up with Katy Perry, which resulted in a well-deserved curse, the guy knows his way around the hot girl playbook. He's gone from dating this...


To this...

00014trevorknight GF

To almost this...


To now this...

trevor knight girlfriend

Okay, so maybe I shouldn't have been so quick to heap praise.

Anyway, I'd like to personally wish Trevor Knight the best of luck this season at Texas A&M. He could be frustrating to watch at times, but he's a hard worker, good kid and deserves a chance to lead A&M to a 7-5 record. I can't wait to watch his Aggies play Oklahoma State in the Advocare V100 Bowl this December.

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