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Thunder Beat Writer Ditches The Oklahoman To Cover Golden State Warriors

anthony slater

We've lost another Oklahoma transplant to the Golden State.

Anthony Slater, the Thunder beat writer for The Oklahoman, revealed yesterday that he's also an opportunistic turncoat traitor and will be moving to the bay area to cover the Golden State Warriors:


In August of 2010, I left Northern California for Oklahoma. I’d never spent a day in the state. Researched very little about it. Didn’t know a single person who lived there.

Six years later, to the exact month, I’m retracing those steps, leaving Oklahoma for a return to Northern California and an incredible career opportunity: I’ve accepted a job covering the Golden State Warriors for the San Jose Mercury News/Bay Area News Group.

I’m excited about what’s ahead – a new professional challenge, a chance to document the story of the sports world and a 45-minute, not 28-hour, drive to see family. But I’ll be forever grateful for what I left behind, a place that both became my second home and paved this awesome, unlikely dream path back to my original one...

Wow, what a coward. OKC loses it's best player – and any serious championship aspirations – and instead of being loyal and staying here you run home like a little baby to eat mom's home cooking, cover the guy who fled and write about Draymond's dick? What a joke. And I know I'm not the only one who's outraged. According to sources, Slater recently told Royce Young and the Norman Transcript's Fred Katz over dinner at Fuzzy's that he would be returning to OKC to "finish the job." I guess it goes to show that Anthony Slater can not be trusted, and goes back on his word.

In case it's not obvious, I'm joking around. Slater was a solid beat writer and deserves the promotion. If I was offered an opportunity to go the bay area and blog about hot news babes, crazy politicians and the local sports media, I'd take it, too. Let's just hope Royce sticks around and doesn't start

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